We Are Witches & Healers

While we use traditional techniques of witchcraft, divination and shamanism to transform, heal, and protect the innocent; we also train all of our Priests & Priestess in the use of Reiki.

Making Magick Since 1997

The Rainbow Warriors were officially born during the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2001. Our story actually begins four years earlier with Pan‘s departure from his previous coven.

Embracing Diversity

We welcome those of all races, genders, and sexes; acknowledging the fluid nature of sexuality and the human experience, while at the same time respecting personal boundaries.

Welcome To Our Site!

We hope that you enjoy the information, pictures, and stories that we share here on our home in cyberspace and that it gives you a sense of who we are.

We recognize that in this great big world of ours there are a wide variety of perspectives, views and traditions and within the pages of this site we share ours with you freely. Please understand that we do not claim to know it all and should your experience or opinion differ from ours, we would ask that you be respectful in your comments.

Lammas 2013 Sunflower Meditation

This is the guided meditation that we used in our Lammas ritual this year. During the ritual, the meditation was read live with the sound effects playing in the background.

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