Pagan Pride 2013 – Looking Ahead

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Pagan Pride is always a great opportunity to meet and mingle with like minded individuals. Last year was the first year in memory that the Rainbow Warriors were not able to attend. We were bummed to have missed it; but the event had been moved up to the week before our scheduled Samhain rite and we needed to make final … Read More

Summer Solstice 2010

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The Rainbow Warrior’s hosted Litha on Saturday, the 19th of June, to celebrate and watch the Lord of Light’s reigning moments of glory pass into the second solar half of the year. It was a great gathering of faces old and new to observe the Sabbat. We haven’t hosted the Summer Solstice in five years, so putting the ritual together … Read More

Druimaelduin on PCon 2010

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It was a bit chilly on a Sunday afternoon and the hustle and bustle of the Rainbow Warriors’ weekly meeting had wound down, when I caught up with Druimaelduin. He and the Rainbow Warriors are preparing to present a ritual/discussion on Valentine’s weekend in San Jose as part of the PantheaCon; which is an annual conference for Witches and Pagans. … Read More