Pagan Pride 2013 – Looking Ahead

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Pagan Pride is always a great opportunity to meet and mingle with like minded individuals. Last year was the first year in memory that the Rainbow Warriors were not able to attend. We were bummed to have missed it; but the event had been moved up to the week before our scheduled Samhain rite and we needed to make final preparations. So, this year, we were excited when we heard that the date was going back to the first Sunday in October because that meant we could attend. Not only are we planning to attend, we were honored to have been asked to present a ritual as well!

Ritual Blessing of Food Donations

When we were assigned the 12p-1p time slot for our ritual, we got our thinking caps on and brainstormed ideas for some meaningful way to contribute to the overall energy of the event. We decided that since most people eat lunch around that time, we should focus on food and what better way than to bless the food being donated as an entrance fee to the festival. We checked with Pagan Pride staff to see if this would be okay with Food Finders, the food bank handling the donations, and got the go-ahead.

During the ritual, a portion of the donations will be placed on the center altar and through sympathetic magick we will symbolically imbue all of the food being donated throughout Pagan Pride LA/OC with the qualities of Health, Happiness, Bounty, and Love. These energies will be raised through a call and answer chant, so everyone will be able to participate without worrying about memorizing anything! In addition, we will invite celebrants to optionally partake of the blessing by placing a small personal token on the altar to receive the same energies during the chant.

The ritual is a good opportunity to see how we do things and we look forward to sharing it with all who attend.

Getting to Know Us

Aside from the ritual, we also have decided to rent an ‘organization booth’ this year. And as with pretty much everything that we do, we’re going all out. We will have two tents set up where we are offering a variety of hands on ways for you to get to know us a little better.

  • Reiki Healing Sessions

    Pan and I will be offering 20 or 30 minute Reiki healing sessions at $1/minute.

  • Insightful Rune Readings

    Braggwynn will be providing his famously dead-on rune readings (10 or 20 minutes, also $1/minute).

  • Retail Therapy

    If retail therapy is more your style, we’ve got you covered there too… literally! Hotep is our resident costumer and he has specially made some beautiful ritual garb and tarot bags to sell at Pride. Adding to the mix are wonderful rune sets hand cut, burned, and empowered by Braggwynn and I will be selling some of my handmade organic soaps that I imbue with Reiki energy and magickally bless in Brigit’s name.

Of course, you need not spend money to spend time with us. If you’ve never met us and are curious, or if you’ve circled with us for years, we welcome you to swing by and just say, “Hi!” Looking forward to seeing you there!

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