Summer Solstice 2010

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I awaken strong, a full day’s readiness;
Power to be beckoned and used.
The Light Lord’s harmony this day will never rest,
Until our essences‘ totally fuse.

The Rainbow Warrior’s hosted Litha on Saturday, the 19th of June, to celebrate and watch the Lord of Light’s reigning moments of glory pass into the second solar half of the year. It was a great gathering of faces old and new to observe the Sabbat.

I am the sun radiating and the breeze moderating. I am action manifesting within the body of my Goddess. I give her purpose, I give her direction, I give her my unending devotion. I have become the Oak reaching into the heavens, bold and erect. See this tree as the instrument of connection on all levels, elements becoming alive, integrating within the world. As I thrive so does the Mother Earth, the Goddess. See my strength dancing with her beauty as the world touches the stars.

We haven’t hosted the Summer Solstice in five years, so putting the ritual together was a great exercise in keeping our craft workings vital and alive through building upon our past connections to this Sabbat. The power of the occasion reflected itself all day long. Once all the Warriors were on deck to prep the “Dinner Theatre” space, it happened quick and efficient. Even with a few glitches in some of our celebrants’ mode of transportation, everyone arrived timely. This allowed us to do the rite in the daylight for visual and energetic continuity.

It worked wonderfully.

The High Priest, Braggwynn, and the High Priestess, Pan, actually invoked the Lord of Light and the Great Mother into themselves, respectfully, to tell a tale of what the energy of the sun means to us all, and how it should be honored and kept in the proper perspective upon the Wheel of the Year. The Lord and Lady were generous with the celebrants, giving them each a gift of a beautiful sunflower to empower with the will and purpose to carry them on through summer to Harvest. Everyone empowered their flower with the chant:

Into this Creature of Sun a-flower
I instill my will and power,
To help me manifest in time,
The work and Harvest truly mine.

All of the Warriors helped, of course, to set the circle. Hotep banished the unwanted and was in the East, while Nathair meditated us beautifully, called in the Elders and Might Ones, and watched over the West after smudging everyone along with Sadhaka’s assistance. Not to forget, each of the Warriors did their own part prepping in other ways. There were table decorations by Pan, tablecloths by Hotep, an incredible libation of lemon gingerade made by Sadhaka, and altar cakes made with sunflower seeds included, carrying the theme forward in our bodies as well as our spirit.

After the ritual, the feasting was very sociable and, once again, proved timely. It was like the energy of the solstice needed to be kept on schedule by everyone. So, once all needed integration was finished, away whisked all the good witches on broomsticks or not.

Complete with Sunflower in hand.

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