Who is Tutelarus?

At the root of the name Tutelarus is the word ‘tutelar’ which is a deity or spirit who acts typically as a guardian or protector of a particular place, person, lineage, or culture. Given our intention, we thought that it was an appropriate word upon which to base the name of our servitor.

With the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age reverberating through the cosmos, many have been experiencing fits of personal turmoil as the vibratory frequency of energy shifts to one that demands a more communal attitude and expression. The days where we can concern ourselves primarily with our own cares are numbered; the mounting climate crisis, civil unrest, and wars are but a few examples of where this internal focus on accumulation has lead us as a people. In these uneasy times, we wanted to create a tool; a companion to assist in making the transition a smoother one.

Because the Aquarian Age is more communally focused, we chose to require payment in the form of a good deed from all who choose to use the servitor before Tutelarus will heed their call. You need not keep an accountants ledger of good deeds; rather the intention is to assist in reinforcing the behavior of doing good deeds for their own sake and as a means of passing along the power of good will and community.

Tutelarus Meditation

This meditation was originally read during the Rainbow Warriors Samhain ritual by its author Braggwynn. There was a large copper firepit in the middle of the ritual space that was draped in black fabric. The meditation has been recorded by Nathair so that you can participate in the visualization.

What is a Servitor?

A servitor is an energy being consciously created by magickal means for any number of purposes. Typically they are conjured to assist an individual or group with a specific need, such as protection, healing, or to develop a certain skill.

The details of their existence are carefully planned out prior to the ritual of their creation and are usually written up in a form of spiritual contract that defines the parameters of their existence (be it short-lived or indefinite), the scope of their duties and powers, as well as the means by which they are called upon.

The Rainbow Warriors received instruction in the creation of servitors from Joseph Futerman.

What is a Good Deed?

As it pertains to the payment necessary for Tutelarus; good deeds are spontaneous acts of kindness, accommodation, generosity, benevolence, empowerment, charity, assistance, help, sympathy or aid, all performed with the simple intention of being helpful and no expectation for compensation of any kind.

Share Tutelarus

We believe that Tutelarus can benefit those beyond the reach of our circle; so we welcome you to share it with others that may benefit from its assistance. To do so, simply print the ‘Tutelarus Creation Contract’ (which you can download below) and present the document to the recipient. Of course, you can certainly choose to introduce them to Tutelarus in a more ritually steeped ceremony if so desired; but the importance is in the sharing of the gift that is Tutelarus. You should also stress that the recipient must perform a good deed before Tutelarus will heed their call.

Unfortunately, only those individuals that were present at the creation of Tutelarus will have received a piece of pyrite with which to call the servitor. For all others one of the three remaining methods must be used.


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